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A Splash of Colour

Why we all need a little colour in our lives…

If someone asked me if what if I was a ‘colour’ person or leaned more towards muted, neutral shades, I’d quickly respond that I was the latter. However if I was to think about this properly I wonder if I really am. It’s such a personal thing isn’t it? Yes my home is painted white everywhere (and I mean EVERYWHERE), flooring is pale grey limestone tiles and painted white floor boards. I tend to wear plenty of grey, black and navy and even my garden is mix of softer shades. But actually I don’t think I could do without colour. I have a favourite plum-coloured chesterfield sofa, that deep red dress which makes me feel so good and yes, I’ve even gone all out and planned flamboyant, tangerine dahlias for the garden this year!

We’ve been embracing the Scandinavian interior style for a fair few years now. Stylish minimalism, whites and greys… don’t get me wrong I think it will always have a place but I think we are beginning to see more colour edging in to our interiors, perhaps more texture too and the use of ‘poppy’ colours. We saw the rise of soft, tranquil, pastel shades during 2016 and this is set to continue in 2017. Our new ‘Gelato’ wall tile collection fits the bill perfectly. Don’t you just love the cameo pink teamed with our earthy Lavastone Pebble Basin? A perfect combination of textures too.

The splash of soft blue, patterned Mod Encaustic Blue porcelain floor tiles, add real impact to an otherwise understated kitchen. I think colour can create happy, positive energy whilst still keeping spaces light and bright, I think I’d be quite content in this kitchen. For a real zingy pop of colour our vibrant Paintbox Gloss wall tile range will tick all the boxes. Don’t think you have to use the colour everywhere though, a feature wall or splash back will be enough.

Now you’re probably thinking natural stone tiles on the whole isn’t very colourful, and you’re right. Yes we have a few colourful (and totally beautiful) marble tiles in our collection and we’re definitely seeing a rise in their popularity but they are never going to be as versatile as the neutral tones. That’s why stone tiles are perfect as a muted backdrop; its natural characteristics still provide enough variation to prevent it being dull whilst allowing you to add colour easily through more interchangeable interior items.

Dark greys have been popular for a while but as people realise how much colour affects mood, there will be a move away from the dark greys, being replaced by dark teals, blues and greens. These shades are just as dramatic but more upbeat. The gorgeous inky blue of the kitchen is the perfect complement to the soft grey Carrara marble wall tiles laid in stylish herringbone.

Colour is such a personal choice and I think every colour has its place, but consideration should be given to what is right for YOUR space. Think about the aspect of the room, how the natural light changes through the day and what other aspects of the space will affect the colour. I’m sure you’ve heard about the green trend for 2017 and I’m definitely favouring the more subdued ‘kale’ tone over the brighter ‘greenery’, but I wouldn’t paint a room in it. My green leather skirt and my house plants are just about enough for me!

View our patterned and decorative tile range for more ideas, and order online or at one of our tile showrooms around the UK. See our brochure or contact us on +44 (0)1600 715444 to learn more.

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Wilmslow Weybridge Tunbridge Wells Primrose Hill Petersfield Monmouth Head Office Monmouth Marlow Fulham Road Exeter Cheltenham Cardiff Cambridge Bristol Bath