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For the Love of Stone

We love stone..but you've probably guessed that already

We love stone..but you’ve probably guessed that already

We love stone, but you’ve probably guessed that already and still after all these years there’s nothing more exciting than sourcing a brand new stone tile and adding it to our collection. It offers endless options for all types of surface in terms of shade, texture and format. Be it limestone, marble, travertine, granite or slate tiles, these materials are timeless, natural beauty at its best and offer longevity and a unique character that’s pretty much impossible to replicate.

However it’s these natural characteristics that are the appeal for some and for others a turn-off! Some struggle with the inconsistency in shade and markings and occasional imperfections. Some stones are undoubtedly more consistent than others so it’s important to consider this when selecting natural stone tiles and always view as much as possible prior to committing.

Right material – right place, springs to mind! Consider suitability for the specific application, how much foot traffic will the stone tile receive, which particular area is it being used in, consider your lifestyle too! Stone can sometimes be heavier and thicker that its man-made counterparts and is porous so will require sealing. Sealing is carried out during the fixing process to prevent the stone tile absorbing stains through its surface. Again different stones will have varying levels of porosity and maintenance of a stone surface is likely to be a little more than a man-made material too.

So is it really worth it? Well we think so! When you see the finished result there’s no doubt…BUT if you disagree there’s plenty of alternatives, including man-made porcelain tiles that pretty realistically replicate the look of various natural stone tiles…thanks to those clever Italians!

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