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Maximalism…it’s time to have some fun!

The big interior trend for 2018, where more is definitely more

For several years interior trends have predominantly focused on the ‘less is more’ approach, championing the simplistic Scandi style of clean lines and cool colours. There’s definitely a lot to like about minimalism, but is it perhaps a little boring now?!

People seem eager for a vibrant, new aesthetic in 2018, quite simply maximalism contrasts to minimalism and it seems that’s where the interior world is going right now. People want the opportunity to make their homes a space where they can get creative and show their personality. Where there are no rules and fun is at the forefront, Maximalism is about indulging in visuals that you love the most with very few constraints, trying new things, and combining materials that you ordinarily wouldn’t. Max it up by layering colours, pattern and texture.

Bathrooms are the perfect space to experiment, they often don’t link with nearby rooms so they provide the perfect opportunity to get creative. We recently styled some bathrooms to showcase our new 2018 tile collections and these spaces lean towards maximalism, whilst remaining timeless.

Modern, edgy and vibrant with some definite retro thrown into the mix. Maximalism shouts monochrome, whether it’s geometric patterns or stripes, black and white helps unite a scheme and combined with the zingy and textured ‘Carnaby Sunset’ tiles this is one fun bathroom.

If you just want to dip your toe in the water with maximalism, perhaps just try one stand out piece to contrast against a more simplistic backdrop. This striking art deco turquoise vanity works beautifully against our new Fusion Black Chevron Porcelain tiles.

Our striking Calacatta Viola Marble paired with the tiniest of round black tiles our new Plaza Negra Penny mosaics, an unexpected combination which works perfectly.

Mimica Sepia Grey & Metropole Pink

Mixing it up with shapes and shades, the modernist bathware, pink herringbone flooring, marble effect tiles and burgundy painted wall offer super stylish decor that’s anything but boring!

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