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Tile Trends: Black & White Tiles

Black and white tiles are timeless. From classic tiling patterns to ornate and retro designs, there are many ways to adopt this tile trend.

Black and white are colours that have been paired together for centuries.

They are direct opposites of each other, making the contrast between the two both useful and beautiful. Piano keys are black and white because it makes it easier for pianists to identify where their fingers need to be and chessboards use the colour pairing to differentiate between the two players. It is this contrast between the colours that has meant that black and white tiles have been used throughout history, most memorably during the Arts and Craft period and Victorian times, to create dramatic and distinctive patterns. They bring elegance to any bathroom, entrance hall or kitchen, and there are a variety of ways you can apply the black and white tile trend in your home.

Classic tiling patterns

The beauty that is formed when laying a classic black and white tiling pattern is undeniable. The chequerboard style is perhaps the most traditional, using square tiles to create an even and symmetrical finish. And even though black and white chequerboard tiles are a favourite of ours, a similar contrast and symmetry can be achieved by laying chevron, hexagon and herringbone tiles.

For a traditional chequerboard style, Di Sccachi is favoured as the most timeless and elegant with it’s slightly subdued black and white tones and softly tumbled antique edges, it can work in both modern and traditional settings. For a more contemporary feel, with a smooth surface and straight edges, why not try our Fitz Black Honed Marble and Fitz White Honed Marble tiles. These black and white marble tiles will look luxurious in any bathroom, porch or hallway. To achieve the same look with all the practicalities of a porcelain tile, there’s our Piazza Amber Matt Porcelain and Piazza Nero Matt Porcelain, these marble effect tiles offer delicate, realistic veining and can be laid in a traditional chequerboard style.

Fitz Black Honed Marble & Fitz White Honed Marble
Piazza Amber Matt Porcelain & Piazza Nero Matt Porcelain

Patterned black and white tiles

Whether they are simple or elaborate, patterned tiles look impressive in any interior and are just as decorative when in black and white. Often incorporating shades of grey and dark inky blues, black and white patterned tiles are both beautiful and intricate.

From our Casablanca Mono Décor 9 and Casablanca Mono Décor 12 with a vintage-finish to the classic styles of Harlequin Decor 7 and Tangier Isla Mono Ceramic, we offer an extensive range of patterned tiles that are perfect for creating unique interiors. If you’re looking for an eye-catching, retro-style black and white floor or wall tile, then our Monochrome Decor Porcelain collection designed with a random mix of non-uniform shapes is quite special.

Casablanca Mono Décor 9 & Casablanca Mono Décor 12
Harlequin Decor 7 Porcelain
Monochrome Decor Porcelain

Mixing and matching tiles

Interior spaces can be designed around black and white themes, using a combination of different monochrome tiles.

One example demonstrating this is the combination of our four tiles: Form Black Décor Porcelain, Form Taupe Wall Décor Porcelain, Form Taupe Base Porcelain and Tangier Isla Mono Ceramic. The first three are simple tile shades in white, grey and black, and the last is a patterned black and white tile. Used together these tiles transform this bathroom into a modern and stylish space.

Another way you could mix and match black and white tiles is by combining our Terrazzo Nouveau Mono with Iggy White Gloss. This fresh, modern spin on the classic black and white combo incorporates Terrazzo style porcelain tiles and tiles with a ‘finger’ mosaic for an elegant and timeless finish. We love how the soft black and grey shards of the Terrazzo Nouveau Mono are enhanced by the matt black wall mounted tap and contemporary basin.

Terrazzo Nouveau Mono Matt Porcelain & Iggy White Gloss Porcelain
Form Black Décor Porcelain, Form Taupe Wall Décor Porcelain, Form Taupe Base Porcelain & Tangier Isla Mono Ceramic

Thinking about trying this timeless tile trend? Visit one of our 14 UK tile showrooms where our friendly and knowledgeable teams can help you choose the perfect black and white tiles for your project.

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