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Tile Trends: Warmer Shades Of Winter

Embrace the falling leaves and dark evenings that symbolise winter by adopting the latest tile trend of 2021: warmer shades of winter.

Warm, earthy shades are synonymous with our autumn and winter seasons. Look to nature and you’ll see a melange of yellow, deep green and rusty hues dancing across the landscape. However bleak winter can be, there is always an element of beauty in the warming shades associated with this time of year. Burnt oranges, rusty reds and earthy nudes are warm, inviting tones whilst deeper shades of emerald green and dark navy evoke a feeling of calmness. These wonderful seasonal shades can be incorporated into your interiors with our extensive range of natural stone and porcelain tiles.

Warm and vibrant colours with muted shades

In the interiors world, we are seeing a move away from the cooler whites and greys and the growing desire to embrace stronger colours within interior design schemes. Earthy red and orange, together with soft pink and rich burgundy are increasingly popular. These warming shades are excellent as a standout feature but also go hand-in-hand with muted shades such a sage green and chalky creams. For anyone looking to mix and match tiles, this tile trend is the perfect opportunity to do so.  

A perfect example of this concept is our Riad Rouge Gloss Porcelain Tile with our Riad Terracotta Matt Porcelain Tile. The rich, glossy red of Riad Rouge pairs beautifully with the paler, powdery Riad Terracotta, creating a warming interior space. Experimenting with tile laying patterns and different surface textures too to add interest and a more personalised style. Another example of two harmonising porcelain tiles are Hoxton Olive Green Gloss Porcelain Tile with our Hoxton Burnt Orange Gloss Porcelain Tile, contrasting earthy shades yet with the same surface texture and melange of tones, allow them to complement each other beautifully.

Hoxton Olive Gloss Porcelain & Hoxton Burnt Orange Gloss Porcelain
Riad Terracotta Matt Porcelain & Riad Rouge Gloss Porcelain
Onyx Nouveau Jade Gloss Porcelain & Riad Terracotta Decor Porcelain
Riad Terracotta Matt Porcelain & Riad Terracotta White Decor Porcelain
Alicante Hexagon Terracotta
Form Russet Wall Decor Porcelain & Hendrix Red Porcelain

Earthy nudes with dark, sensuous shades

Rather than opting for warm reds and oranges, the warmer shades of winter trend can also be recreated by selecting darker shades. Equally rich, dark colours such as forest greens and deep, black-like blues have an edge, that can make an interior feel super-stylish and welcoming.

Try using our luxurious Amazon Green Gloss Porcelain Tile which cleverly mimics a deep green marble or our Hoxton Black Gloss Porcelain Tile with a beautiful light-reflecting sheen. Black marble effect Piazza Nero Matt Porcelain Tile laid in herringbone style has been paired with our striking Polar Taupe Gloss Porcelain Tile to create a bathroom full of character.

These deeper tones can create both a sense of drama and tranquillity all-in-one. The trick when using dark colours in an interior space is to create contrast and balance. Compliment with lighter or warming shades such as nude and soft beige, add interest with different tile laying patterns and be clever with your lighting choices.

Amazon Green Gloss Porcelain & Hoxton Burnt Orange Porcelain
Hoxton Black Gloss Porcelain & Terrazzo Nouveau Cognac Matt Porcelain
Piazza Nero Matt Porcelain Chevron & Polar Taupe Gloss Porcelain

Contemplating this warm and inviting kitchen and bathroom tile trend? Visit one of our 13 UK tile showrooms where our friendly and knowledgeable teams can help you choose the right natural stone or porcelain tiles for your project.

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