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Discover the Top 5 Tile Trends for 2020

2020 is about being braver & bolder - our yearly round-up of the most exciting tile trends for this year.

I couldn’t leave writing this post any longer – somehow we’ve managed to creep into February already. With the longer days, birds singing and the bulbs already a couple of inches above ground, we have a sense of hope, excitement and anticipation for the year ahead. At this dawn of a new decade, what does this bring for our interiors, and more specifically tiles? With our brand-new collections arriving in our Monmouthshire headquarters pretty much on a daily basis, featuring stylish and sophisticated porcelain, ceramic, marble tiles and more, now is the perfect time to share the top 2020 tile trends.

Brave & Bold

There’s definitely an overriding sense of boldness when it comes to tile trends this year – ‘go big or go home’ springs to mind. Just to be clear, I don’t think this relates to every aspect of tiles and flooring. For large expanses, open plan living areas, those neutral stone effect and concrete effect tiles still win hands down for me, creating that timeless backdrop to everything else. Although saying that, we have just launched a brand new, earthy red large format terrazzo/concrete effect tile. This is our Hendrix Red porcelain tile, which would look amazing over a large area.

However, generally, in smaller areas or more isolated spaces, we can throw those neutrals out of the window and get creative. Long gone are the safe pale grey bathrooms, they just seem a little lifeless. Be it hallways where we want to add a sense of drama, kitchen splash backs for that pop of colour or a bathroom where we want to go all out crazy… colour, pattern and texture are taking hold. From retro modern geometrics, trippy patterns inspired by the 60’s and 70’s or warm, happy shades, it’s all about creating a space with personality and individuality. It’s important to explore what makes us happy and what colours we love and stop being afraid to do what we want in our own homes.


Rare & Precious

Preciousness is the name of the game for 2020 tile trends, creating a luxe vibe and bringing amazing elements of the natural world inside. From beautiful, real marble tiles to porcelain tile designs emulating rare marbles and semi-precious stones. Tile technology has become so sophisticated that manufacturers can now emulate rare stones with their dramatic movement, iridescence and texture. This is a sustainable way to present those precious materials without depleting the earth. Key new collections include ‘Onyx Nouveaux’ porcelain tiles, offering seven amazing shades in a silky gloss finish and large formats. Both ‘Mimica Bianco Ravenna’ & brand new ‘Mimica Bianco Ravenna Gold’ with a warmer, honey vein, are now available in giant slab format as well as book-match slab options. Whilst new ‘Arena’ has been created by technology which has allowed texture to actually correspond to the veins of this truly striking marble effect tile.


Well what can I say…I’ve just actually had to look back to check if I included terrazzo tiles in my 2019 tile trend post. Whilst it was touched upon by including that amazing terrazzo bathroom showcasing our ever gorgeous ‘Terrazzo Nouveau Ivory Matt’, we didn’t discuss terrazzo specifically. This just shows how much the trend has grown since last year. Admittedly there were a few members of our buying team who wondered if terrazzo tiles would ever really ‘take-off’ – I think we can safely say they have! So 2020 sees this tile trend develop, with new introductions of more ‘zingy’ colours in our ‘Terrazzo Nouveau’ collection. This stylish collection of quality porcelain terrazzo tiles cleverly has terrazzo pieces running through the actual body of the tile. I can’t wait to see these used in projects. Furthermore our brand new ‘Hendrix’ collection offers a subtle fusion between terrazzo and a slight concrete effect with the bonus of large formats, hexagons, a patterned decor tile and warm earth red and ochre shades. Let’s grab with both hands the diversity and character that porcelain terrazzo tiles can offer to today’s interiors.


So a year ago we were seeing a general drift of us Brits becoming braver with our use of colourful tiles. I’m pleased to say this tile trend most definitely continued through 2019 and is stronger than ever at the start of 2020. The use of pink a couple of years ago was the start of it, which is now shifting more towards warmers hues of ochre, russet and a wealth of green shades, which I talked in a green trend post last week. These tones, especially green, have strong associations with nature and offer welcoming, calming schemes that make us feel happy. The use of colour and also pattern give interiors a sense of individuality, which are more difficult to create using very neutral palettes. I think some people are scared to use colourful tiles or perhaps aren’t quite sure how to, so offering inspiration is important. We love combining richer shades of materials and will be doing just that in our forthcoming photo shoot, where luxe mauves, rich greens and warm colours will feature. Here’s a few from our new collections as well as colour inspiration…

Larger & Larger

It’s only going one way at the moment, large format porcelain tiles seem to be one of the most popular upcoming tile trends for 2020. I always see a huge difference between what we in the tile industry consider ‘large format’ and the general population. A 600x600m format may often be considered too large for an average size bathroom, whereas we think go as big as you can! I mean we are talking big…say 1200x600mm and where possible consider slab formats, which tend to be in the region of 2600x1000mm. Whether you’re after a continuous flow of flooring or wish to create almost a seamless bathroom finish, large format tiles offer much practicality too. Available in minimal thicknesses and with the bonus of less grout lines, these large format tiles can also give the optical illusion of making a space feel bigger than it really is. From concrete effect tiles to those marble effect tiles that cleverly mimic beautiful marble and onyx,  the choice is endless. Included in this year’s new collections, we also have some supersized plain matt tiles in delightful pastel tones, called ‘Shades’. We look forward to sharing more with you soon.



So, bring on 2020! It’s all about creating spaces your own way, using the colours you love. Whilst we know this is a ‘tile trends’ post, we at Mandarin Stone are great believers in embracing your own individual style, we hope our New 2020 Collections allow you to do this.

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