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Time to Hygge

If you haven't come across hygge yet, you must of been hiding...

I must confess I’m a winter person. There’s nothing better that being snuggled up indoors with the fire roaring on a dark winter’s night! So yes, I’m a huge fan of hygge. If you haven’t come across hygge yet, you must of been hiding! Pronounced ‘hue-gah’ it has been the backdrop of Danish lifestyle for over a century and its seems the whole world wants to get to grips with it now. The word itself doesn’t have an exact translation, but encompasses feelings such as cosiness, togetherness, safety, contentment, relaxation and being kind to yourself and others.

The Danes top the polls as being the happiest people on earth and they put much of this down to hygge. Whilst hygge is applicable to any time or space, this time of year it comes in to its own. It contradicts the notion of ‘escaping’ from it all and involves embracing the simpler things in life such as your everyday environment. Our well-being can be enhanced by making small changes in our homes, think cosy fabrics, atmospheric lamps, wood burners, candles, home-cooking, a relaxing bath, a good book, sheepskin slippers, foraged finds for decoration or a gathering with friends and family.

I’m sure you’ve seen how Scandinavian interiors work the hygge look, they use natural materials in abundance and keep shades neutral. They can be pretty minimal yet are also undeniably cosy and warm. This style is completely versatile, working through the seasons with ease.

Wood-effect porcelain tiles fit this look perfectly. With an array of options and formats now available, they are cost-effective, practical and on-going innovations in tile-design and production technology  means that the shades and texture are more realistic than ever. Traditional, large format stone flagstones in neutral grey tones also embrace this look and coupled with underfloor heating and a wood burning stove, you won’t want Spring to arrive!

For bathrooms, wood-effect porcelain tiles will look impressive on both wall and floors or opt for the soft-tones of marble and limestone tiles combined with a vintage roll-top bath and sumptuous fabrics. Simple white subway tiles are often the choice for kitchen splash backs, incorporating the modern-rustic concept. Patterned porcelain tiles can be used but again, keep tones neutral and use just enough to add interest.

So lets take a leaf from the Danes and start enjoying a little bit of hygge in our lives, I’ve put together a ‘Hygge’ Pinterest board to get you in the mood. Thanks to my cat sprawled out on the kitchen floor enjoying the underfloor heating which inspired me to write this post, sometimes it’s the little things!

Create hygge in your home with our range of natural stone and porcelain tiles. Buy online, request a brochure or visit a Mandarin Stone showroom to learn more.