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Top 6 Tile Trends for 2019

Our yearly tile trend round up: discover the latest tile styles that are at the top of everyone’s shopping list.

I can’t believe it’s been well over a year since my last tile trends blog post, the months just seem to fly by! However, it’s really interesting to compare last year’s trends to the 2019 tile trends. So much is really the same but there are a few key differences too. Before I delve into the detail, I just wanted to highlight the almost irrelevance of the term ‘trends’, or at least the ‘newness’ that is often associated with it. You’ll find most trends always exist and are just brought to the forefront at certain times by the media or brands. Some trends are reinvented off the back of previous trends and other trends don’t stick around long enough to be worth mentioning! The whole point I suppose I’m trying to make is that ‘trends’ per se don’t come and go like some would expect. Ultimately, we shouldn’t be basing our choices on quick fads, but on those concepts that will have longevity. Here’s my top 6 tile trends for 2019…

1. Colour

So, I’m starting with what I feel is the biggest difference since last year, yes COLOUR and I think you’ll notice I’m pleased about this! Last year I mentioned that there was starting to be a shift away from the cool grey tones to the slightly warmer shades. I also wrote a post titled ‘Beige is Back’ a few months ago. Well hurray, I think we’re beginning to embrace those warmer shades, but also the richer shades too, are the (normally quite reserved) Brits getting braver?! Here’s a bathroom that’s getting a lot of love and it embraces colour. It showcases two of our boldest products ‘Paintbox Canary Gloss Ceramic‘ and ‘Terrazzo Nouveau Graphite Matt Porcelain‘.

From yellows, to greens and blues, adding colour to interiors with our range of porcelain, ceramic and marble tiles can really influence the whole space and uplift the mood, so don’t shy away from it.

2. Indoor/Outdoor

I included this in last year’s top 6 tile trends and there’s no doubt that the demand for indoor outdoor porcelain tiles has gone from strength to strength. Last year’s glorious Summer (and apparently, we are in for the same this year?!) has made the desire to create that continuous flow from inside to out even more important. Indoor outdoor porcelain tiles seem to offer the perfect solution, they’re not only hard-wearing and practical but visually they tick all the boxes too. Huge developments, globally, in the production and print technologies of porcelain tiles has opened a whole new area for flooring. Advancement in print technologies has allowed porcelain tiles to cleverly replicate other materials such as stone, wood and concrete so realistically it’s hard to differentiate from the real deal. Furthermore, many options are available in corresponding 10mm and 20mm thickness so the same can be continued from inside to out.

Here are a few of this year’s favourite, new indoor/outdoor porcelain tile flooring options:

3. Marble Tiles

Surely we can’t be surprised to see this beautiful natural material included in the top tile trends again?! No other material quite compares to the inherent natural beauty and durability that marble tiles offer. The timeless grey and white shades of our CarraraCalacatta and Alsace marble tiles remain as desirable as ever, with slim brick formats, perfect for herringbone tile laying patterns, being top of the bathroom wish list for many. The smooth, matt honed marble tiles are now more in demand than the ‘polished,’ gloss finish, indicating that more muted, natural finishes are favourable. Linking to the ‘colour’ trend, we are seeing the return of warmer shades of marble tiles, which will give a softer ambience to a space whilst remaining totally elegant. ‘Calacatta Amber’ and ‘Alpina’ marble tiles are both new additions with warmer veins running throughout.

4. Large Format Tiles

Large format porcelain tiles have been sneaking their way into the tile world for several years now and there’s no getting away from them. Large format tiles offer a stylish and minimal look that’s ideal for open-plan modern interiors but can work equally well in more traditional-style buildings too. Using porcelain tiles of this size results in far fewer grout lines, allowing a clean and uninterrupted finish and will allow a series of rooms to flow perfectly into each other. It’s a myth that large format tiles shouldn’t or can’t be used in smaller spaces – in fact, these rooms are perfect for them. Using oversized tiles in a small area tricks the eye into thinking that the room is larger than it really is, so can help to create a sense of scale where it doesn’t naturally exist. Fewer grout lines means a more practical surface too from a cleaning aspect.

Using large format tiles doesn’t mean you’re restricted to tile type either. With marble, stone, concrete and metal effect tiles available, the choices are endless and with minimal thicknesses available they can be used on walls too.

5. Patterned Tiles

The power of pattern is unquestionable. Whether it’s more elegant, traditional patterns or bold geometric tile designs, there’s no doubting that patterned tiles can bring character and a uniqueness to a space that could be lost without it. Using patterned tiles within a scheme draws the eye and can make a statement. Patterned tiles come in an array of styles and shapes, from the more classic Victorian tile patterns to those that ooze retro vibes. It doesn’t necessarily have to be pattern within the tile itself, more subtle effects can be achieved through tile laying patterns such as herringbone, or actual shaped tiles such as scallops, chevrons and hexagons.


6. Stone Effect Tiles

I don’t think there’s many that don’t appreciate a natural stone tile floor, offering character and beauty that just gets better with age. I used to say that it’s impossible to find an equivalent with a man-made stone effect tile, but I could be changing my mind! Even me (a stone lover to the core) has been thoroughly impressed over the last year by the porcelain stone effect tiles available. Whilst many admire the beauty of natural stone tiles, some are put off by the initial sealing required, natural imperfections and shade variation and in some cases the limitations of the thickness of stone tiles.

As mentioned previously, print technology of porcelain tiles has come a long way. Stone effect tiles can be seen to have all the natural characteristics of stone such as veins, shells and tonal variation and more recently surface texture and antique edges too, for those wanting to recreate a more traditional surface. Here are the top picks from our 2019 new additions of stone effect tiles.


I hope you’ve enjoyed reading our tile trends for 2019, will you opt for one of these in your next project? Let’s see what 2020 will bring for tile trends…

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