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Top 5 tile trends for 2023

From enduring chequerboard to colourblock tile schemes, discover the trends we think you’ll be seeing
a lot more of in the coming year.

Whether you’re planning ahead or just about to embark on a new interiors project, you may be wondering what the top tile trends of 2023 look set to be. After the events of the last few years, it’s little surprise that we’re putting an increasing amount of thought into how our homes can make us feel good, and work harder to support our well-being.

This might manifest in a space that enhances our connection to the natural world, or one that’s filled with uplifting colours and playful patterns. It could simply mean choosing to invest in high-quality materials, such as timeless marble tiles, that you know you’ll find beauty in for many years to come.

Alongside our rediscovered freedom comes a more daring approach to design, with coloured tiles proving increasingly popular. Whether it’s powdery pastels, energising brights or a colourful take on checkerboard tiles such as our Cardinale Di Scacchi, we’re seeing more and more schemes using bolder shades in place of neutral palettes. Intrigued? Read more on our 2023 tile trend predictions below.

1. Luxurious Marble

For an elegant and perennially stylish tiling scheme, you can’t go wrong with marble. Whether you prefer blueish greys, jewel greens, delicate blush tones or the palest Carrara marble, this timeless and hardwearing stone will enhance any space. While marble tiles mostly appear to transcend passing design trends, we expect to see an increasing number of interesting patterns at play in 2023. Try our Cardinale Di Scacchi or use marble tiles in herringbone, scalloped, cubed and hexagonal motifs. Alternatively try bold combinations of squares and rectangles like our BluestoneCalacatta & Rosso. And if the real thing is beyond the reach of your budget, then explore our collection of porcelain marble-effect tiles for an incredibly realistic alternative.

2. Graphic Colourblock

In line with a rise in cheerful, feel-good interiors, the colourblock trend continues to brighten up our walls, and coloured tiling schemes are no exception. Try mixing shades at opposite ends of the colour wheel, or take a subtler approach and combine solid swathes in softer, more tonal hues. To break up stronger colours, add white tiles for a visual pause, or choose a muted version of a bold shade for a palette that’s rich without being overpowering. Mix large-format pastels such as our terrazzo effect Toledo range seen here in GreenBlue & White. Enhance the contrasts in your colourblock tile scheme by pairing designs with different surfaces, such as textured tiles with plain, or matt with glazed finishes.

3. Indoor Meets Outdoor

As we continue to look to nature to foster a sense of peace and well-being, it follows that more interiors are being designed to bring the outside in. We love nothing more than a kitchen, dining space or living area that flows seamlessly out to a garden or terrace, which is why many of our designs come in two different thicknesses. This allows them to be used as outdoor tiles as well as inside, creating a cohesive aesthetic that links both spaces. Choose from natural stone tiles like our Dijon Tumbled (used here with bullnosed step pieces) or stone effect tiles such as Puglia Ivory in complementing neutral shades.

4. Tactile Textures

There’s a wealth of ways to bring texture into your kitchen or bathroom, from the alluring irregularities of our Zellige 2022 tiles to linear ridged designs of Zen Decor, finger mosaics and tumbled-edge stone. Whatever your preference, we’re sure that touchable, textural surfaces will continue to enliven our walls and floors. With an organic look and feel, our Form range comprises textured tiles in earthy tones, which work beautifully when combined together. Alternatively, use any of our textured designs to create a focal point for visual interest, for example as a sink splashback, shower wall or behind a bath.

5. Timeless Chequerboard

A design that’s been around for centuries, we’ve noticed that traditional chequerboard tiles are enjoying a bit of a resurgence in a variety of spaces throughout the home, from imposing entrance halls to compact cloakrooms. And while they’ve never really gone out of style, we’re tipping chequerboard floor tiles to be a hot trend for 2023, thanks to the breadth and versatility of designs now available. If black and white tiles feel too harsh, choose softer, more tonal alternatives, such as our Fragmenta Ivory Porcelain and Fragmenta Green Porcelain terrazzo effect tiles. Or mix off-white with warm, sandy red, using our Rosso Di Scacchi Tumbled Marble tiles.

We have a vast collection of tiles to fit any home or budget. Whether you are looking for outdoor tiles or indoor, marble or porcelain, or wall or floor tiles, we can help. Start your project today and explore our range online or visit one of our tile showrooms to speak to a member of our expert team.

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