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Transform your space with textured tiles

If you’re looking for ways to add interest and character to your kitchen, bathroom, or indeed any space in the home, then textured tiles are the perfect solution.

We’re seeing a huge demand for tactile surfaces of late, in keeping with a desire to make our homes ever more cocooning and comforting. And, while slick, polished designs still have their place, there’s nothing quite like a textured finish to bring softness and depth to a tiled interior.

For floors, natural stone or stone-effect tiles are a great way to bring more texture into your home. And if you’re on the hunt for wall tiles, there’s a huge range of styles to consider. Choose a tile with surface detailing to add another dimension to your shower or splashback. Or, why not take inspiration from modernist-era homes and clad your fire surround with textured tiles?

Our varied collection comprises everything from geometric designs to teracotta-style bricks and detailed mosaics. We’ve also expanded our ever-popular wood-effect range with new designs, including those that emulate the appearance of slatted wood panelling. So, whatever the brief, we’re sure we’ll have a textured tile to suit your project.

Discover ceramic tiles in the style of wood panelling 

Our Riga range of pleasingly linear ceramic wall tiles can be applied vertically or horizontally, and comes in both stone-effect and wood-effect options. Choose a rich, warm-toned shade, such as the Riga Honey Slat Decor design, to mimc the beauty of a wood-panelled wall: a great option for bathrooms and wet areas where timber would normally by subject to swelling and moisture damage. Other textural designs include the Riga Block Decor tile, which is a soothing soft-white tile that echoes the undulating, irregular finish of stone.

Choose a stone-effect tile with a rustic sawn finish

Inspired by traditional French stone flooring, our Sawn collection has been cleverly designed to replicate the subtly rustic finish of sawn flagstones. Available in three shades and two different sizes, these hardwearing porcelain tiles capture the beauty of natural stone in an affordable, low-maintenance format that’s perfect for walls and floors. Featuring convincing tonal variation and surface veining, these versatile tiles are a brilliantly authentic substitute for the real thing.

Add texture with grooved tiles that look like mosaics

Stix is a range of fluted porcelain tiles featuring surface grooves that create the effect of smaller mosaics when applied to the wall. Durable and easy to install, their textured surface plays with light and shadow, despite having a contemporary matt finish. Choose from a variety of shades, including understated neutrals and bolder tones such as the Berry, Sage and Teal colourways. Use these grooved wall tiles from floor to ceiling or in smaller doses to add visual interest.

Mix and match designs in complementary tones and textures

Our Form porcelain collection comes in an array of different designs and shades, all of which work beautifully together or in isolation thanks to a considered palette of colours. Discover the Form Decor range, which boasts organic surface finishes set with delicate dimpling, plus linear blocks with rugged appeal. Combine the textured tiles in the collection with our Form Base designs, which are available in complementary shades and can be used on floors as well as walls.

Opt for a delicate finger mosaic for a truly tactile wall-covering

There is something so undeniably appealing about the feel of our Iggy tiles: you just cannot help but touch them when you see them on the wall. These ‘Kit Kat’ or finger mosaics come in seven colours and are supplied on a mesh-backed sheet, so despite their intricate appearance, they’re incredibly easy to install. We love to see them used over large or small areas, as they’re just as effective either way. Iggy’s lustrous glaze brings depth to whichever colour you choose, and draws attention to the perfectly imperfect nature of the design.

Consider a geometric motif with nostalgic appeal

For a textured tile with a cheerful retro feel, you can’t beat the Carnaby collection. Available in Mint,Sunset,Teal and White, these ceramic designs feature what we’d describe as a ‘combed’ surface, with detailed ridged patterns that intersect in an understated yet playful way. Combine different colours in the range or mix Carnaby with plain or patterned tiles to either downplay or accentuate their geometric feel.

Go soft and rustic with slender bricks

With their deliberate surface imperfections and distressed edges, our Alba tiles have an artisanal appeal that makes them a great fit for all manner of schemes and spaces. From country kitchens to sleek en-suites, this collection is ideal for adding texture and softness. All colours in the range come in both a matt and a gloss finish; choose from a deeply saturated hue, such as Ocean, or something subtler, like Mist or Sage. You can stack them, stagger them, lay them in a herringbone formation or combine multiple colours to create a striped design.

Try supersized surface details for rugged texture

Our Bar Ceramic tiles replicate the enduring appeal of traditional Spanish terracotta bricks, with a rugged ridged design that offers a softer take on an industrial look. Choose White to keep it simple and let the texture do the talking, or deep, dark Charcoal for added drama. Alternatively, the Terra colourway offers an incredibly authentic take on handmade terracotta tiles, offering warmth and character in abundance. Lay these tiles horizontally or vertically depending on your preference and the visual effect you’re aiming to create.

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