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3 of the Best Outdoor Porcelain Tiles

Outdoor spaces can be a continuation of your interior, with our stylish collection of Outdoor Porcelain tiles.

With Autumn in full swing, now is the time to be planning your outdoor spaces in readiness for next Spring. If you’ve read any of my previous blog posts you might have realised I’m a bit of a gardening geek, so when I’m not up to my eyeballs it’s the garden that’s top of my list. I know us Brits can’t help but talk about the weather, but really we’ve had a pretty fabulous Summer and Autumn, don’t you think? I’m quick to forget the scorched lawn and tireless evenings taken up by watering, it was impressive how quickly the garden recovered too. So I think it’s fair to assume more time was spent outside than inside this year and that’s why it’s important to make our outdoor spaces feel as good as our indoor.

If you haven’t heard about outdoor porcelain tiles, you must have been hiding. So we all know the popularity of the hard-wearing indoor porcelain tile, especially those that mimic concrete, wood and stone effect tiles, the large format sizes are as desirable as ever too. So of course the option of a slightly thicker version for external use wasn’t far behind. Just to put the record straight, the majority of 10-12mm thickness porcelain tiles are perfectly suitable for exteriors provided they are fixed as they would be inside. By that I mean on a pre-prepared, solid concrete base and fixed with a cement-based adhesive. The beauty of 20mm thick outdoor porcelain tiles is that they are weighty enough to be fixed onto a wet mortar bed of 1:4 cement to dry sand, over a compacted sub-base.

Hard landscaping is an essential element of an outdoor space, especially in the immediate proximity of a building for practicality as much as being visually appealing. There is a growing trend to continue the exact same flooring from inside to out, so here are our top three outdoor porcelain tiles for achieving this look.

‘Hendre’ is a timeless outdoor porcelain tile collection offered in three natural stone shades of Blanc, Creme & Gris and has convincing texture and tonal variation to mimic an antique limestone floor. With three formats available of 600x600mm, 800x400mm and 800x800mm in both 10mm & 20mm thickness, this porcelain is ideal for taking the inside out, and suits both modern and more traditional settings.

‘Industry’ is one of our concrete effect porcelain floor tile collections, where we offer four of the most popular shades of ‘Sand’, ‘Lead’, ‘Cement’ & ‘Anthracite’ in 600x600mm, 800x400mm and 800x800mm in both 10mm & 20mm thicknesses. These stylish mortar shades are highly desirable for those looking to achieve an interior with clean lines and urban vibes, ideal for open-plan living spaces.

Just added to the collection for Autumn 2018, our ‘Wexford’ Collection replicates the look of traditional flagstone flooring. Offering a truly authentic look and available in three shades of ‘Natural’, ‘Grey’ and ‘Buff’, these outdoor porcelain tiles come in a standard single format of 900x600x20mm. Ideal for indoor-outdoor living, when being used for interior applications, you would need to check a 20mm thickness tiles can be tolerated. This innovative outdoor porcelain oozes character and will undoubtedly create that much desired look.

So it’s time to get planning those outdoor spaces for next year, in the meantime let’s hope it’s not such a freezing Winter as last year, not that the durable outdoor porcelain tiles will mind!

Browse our full collection of Outdoor Porcelain tiles.

For full details on fixing outdoor porcelain click here.

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