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5 Bathroom Tile Trends That Are Here To Stay

Discover the top bathroom tile trends that you’ll never get tired of….

When it comes to renovating different rooms in a property, bathrooms have got to be the trickiest; but get them right and they’re definitely the most satisfying. When it comes to sharing your finished projects on our Instagram, it’s those bathrooms that we just love to show off. I guess there’s just so much variety out there; surfaces, fittings, bathware, lighting, the list goes on but here’s my top choices for bathroom tiles that are still going to look fabulous in years to come.

Marble Tiles

Whether you have the real deal or opt for an excellent faux marble porcelain alternative, marble is top of the bathroom tile list for many. For a perfectly elegant and classic look ‘white-based marbles’ provide the answer. These include favourites such as timeless ‘Carrara’ and ‘Calacatta’. As well these, our recently introduced ‘Alsace’ honed marble tile is definitely worth comparing against the more well-known options, we love it. Our reintroduction this year of marble tile classics such as ‘Rosa Perlino Tumbled Marble tile’, ‘Nero Marquinia’ & ‘Verdi Alpi Marble tile’ in a tumbled, antique finish, is putting a new spin on marble to create a more charismatic and vintage look. Continuing the vintage theme, our newly extended ‘Alps’ & ‘Pyrenees’ collections of decorative marble mosaics are certainly something to indulge in.

Constant developments in tile print technology means that the faux marble, porcelain alternatives provide a great alternative; with no need for sealing and minimal thicknesses in large format sizes. A new addition proving popular is ‘Mimica Bianco Ravenna.’

Patterned Tiles

Okay so patterned porcelain tiles have been around forever and they’ve definitely had a big resurgence in recent years, but it appears they aren’t going to vanish anytime soon. I think their popularity stems from the fact they can instantly add life and character in an otherwise sterile environment. Take our ‘Geo‘ collection, simple geometric designs, that are both eye-catching and fresh. Pair with simple white matt tiles such as ‘Albion’ and indoor plants to create the bathroom look that’s always going to impress.

Another patterned porcelain tile collection that’s been causing a stir is our ‘Oblique’ range. Slender strips with an unusual clay-like glaze and in two colour-ways of perfectly muted tones and geometric designs. Fun, stylish and with an air of elegance. Perfect for both floors and walls and with a spectrum of base shades also available.

Herringbone Tiles

More herringbone I hear you say?! Yes, herringbone is still the most popular laying pattern and it looks great. In fact, if I was designing my own bathrooms again I’d have to incorporate at least some herringbone, it just looks too good not to! For floors or walls, herringbone offers a welcome break from traditional brick-bond or linear patterns. I always think the longer, slimmer, rectangles look more elegant laid herringbone, than those chunkier formats, adding character and even a slight vintage charm.

Glazed Tiles

There’s just something good about seeing glazed tiles in a bathroom, for me anyway. Although technically in the tile world you can get a ‘matt’ glaze, I’m talking about those more well-known glossy glazed tiles. This is achieved by the tile receiving a coating of coloured ‘glaze’ before being fired in a kiln to achieve its top quality finish, making the surface non-porous and therefore stain-resistant, making them a great choice for bathrooms. Furthermore they always look clean and fresh (that’s how bathrooms should always be, right?!) and ideal for reflecting light around the room, when its often a space that can lack light. Whether you opt for fresh whites or subtle neutrals or even go all out there with a pop of colour or a more unusual format, there are glazed tiles in a spectrum of shades.

Concrete Effect Tiles

Now don’t think concrete effect tiles are for flooring and living spaces only. Yes of course they look fantastic in such spaces, especially open-plan living, creating the perfect chic-industrial feel but they can look equally fantastic in bathrooms too. Creating a hotel-boutique bathroom look, they are available in impressive large formats which can work well in even smaller bathrooms, with fewer grout joints they will create the illusion of a larger space. Whilst our concrete effect tile collections will always contains those ’50 Shades of Grey’, this is by no means the only concrete shade available. With warm putty shades, cooler whites and even coppers, concrete-look tile choices for bathrooms are pretty exciting.

So forget fleeting fads, these bathrooms trends are here to add modern indulgence and increase the value of your home, as some trends come and go, these beauties are here to stay. Whatever way you go, we love seeing your finished projects, so don’t forget to tag us over on Instagram.

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