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Black & white floor tiles

Jump on the black and white tiles trend and you’ll be choosing a look that’s been stylish for centuries

When choosing black and white bathroom or kitchen tiles, there’s a range of options to achieve the checkerboard look, from hardwearing porcelain to luxurious honed marble. If black and white flooring feels a little too bold for your space or taste, consider a grey and white design in terrazzo style tiles or mix white with warm, sandy red marble instead.

If you like the idea of a bold scheme that’s a little more contemporary, try playing with chevron or triangular tiles to create a unique design in monochrome hues. Whether applied as black and white kitchen tiles, added to a cloakroom floor, or used to give an entryway some wow factor, these geometric motifs will help your space to feel instantly fresher and more modern.

1. Nod to tradition with Victorian black-and-white floor tiles

Inspired by traditional Victorian tiled floors, our Regent porcelain mosaic tiles combine black, cream and soft, rust-coloured red to create a warm and graphic flooring option. The collection comprises individual tiles as well as borders and corners, so you can create a bespoke design to suit both the style and dimensions of your space. Decorative borders and corners are supplied on mesh-backed sheets to make installing your black and white floor tiles a breeze, while the high-grip finish of this hardwearing porcelain floor tile makes them an ideal choice for indoors and out.

2. Choose marble or softer take on checkerboard flooring

There are few tiling schemes more classic than a black and white checkerboard flooring. If you love the idea of this design, but prefer the softness of natural stone, then our Di Scacchi tumbled marble tiles will replicate the look in soft grey and off-white tones. A combination of Bluestone and Calacatta marble, these supremely elegant tiles have a tumbled edge and an antique feel: perfect for lending spaces a touch of old-world glamour. Featuring subtle veining and available in three different sizes, these stunning stone tiles will elevate almost any space in the house.

3. Try octagon limestone tiles in a warm neutral shade.


Combining our beautiful Lyon Provence limestone with an ageless octagonal format, these biscuity beige tiles are a perfect foil for a sharp and classic inlay in blue-grey limestone. This characterful range comes in a Provence finish with a pillowed edge that lends these tiles the appearance of a floor that’s been walked on for years. Use as an alternative to black and white bathroom tiles, or in kitchens, corridors or entrance halls to add warmth and elegance.

4. Make a statement with chevron tiles in monochrome stripes

A striking, marble-effect porcelain tile that’s available in a rich dark hue as well as in gleaming white, these black and white wall or floor tiles look incredibly impressive when laid in a chevron pattern.

Mix and match our Piazza Nero and Bianco styles with grey tiles from the same collection or combine black with white in a bold monochrome striped design for a serious style statement.

We love seeing how these black and white tiles can transform a space, from entrance halls to cloakrooms. They work particularly well when paired with square or rectangular tiles from the same range, as well as strong colours, like deep greens.

5. Choose a small-format tile for a checkerboard tile wall

Another grey and white tiling scheme that looks fantastic on walls as well as floors, these smaller format porcelain tiles are from our Zen range and feature a pleasingly uneven surface that gives them a rustic, handmade feel. The gloss finish highlights these deliberate imperfections, which catch the light and enhance the tile’s artisanal appearance. As an alternative to black and white tiles, they are available in a selection of natural tones, as well as deep-blue hues. Our Zen collection also comprises a slender rectangular tile format.

6. Opt for an earthier alternative to black-and-white flooring

If you love the idea of a checkerboard floor, but prefer richer, warmer colours, then our Rosso Di Scacchi Tumbled Marble tiles might be for you. An earthy take on an enduring design, this two-colour scheme combines our Rosso and Calacatta marble tiles, which feature beautiful veining and a tumbled edge that gives the stone an antiqued appearance. Use as part of a warm-toned palette, or as a counterpoint to cooler shades for contrast. Ideal for bathrooms, kitchens, living spaces and corridors, the peachy red and soft white tones of these stone tiles will look beautiful for years to come.

7. Choose a black and white floor in classic marble

A true modern classic, these monochrome Fitz marble tiles will create a black and white floor that’s perennially stylish. Available as traditional squares, or in a triangular format for a more contemporary feel, their honed construction means they feel velvety smooth underfoot, but still retain a matt finish. Get creative and combine triangles and squares for playful geometric tiling, or take a purist approach and stick to one shape for a look that’s equally eye-catching. Suited to traditional and modern homes alike, these patterned marble tiles can be used to add interest to walls as well as floors.

8. Layer grey on grey for a vintage effect

For a Moroccan-inspired tile with a vintage feel, look to our Casablanca porcelain collection, which comprises a wealth of patterned tiles in muted hues, as well as plain designs. We love the combination of the black and light grey base tiles, which, when used together, offer a soft, textural and rugged alternative to the strong juxtaposition of black tiles with white. Available in both square and hexagonal formats, our Casablanca tiles can vary slightly in size and shade, which only adds to their vintage appeal.

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