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Colour Psychology

Colours closely connect to our emotions and now, more than ever, it’s important to carefully consider the colours we choose for our interiors and ensure they positively impact on our moods.

Delving in to the world of colour psychology, well it’s quite fascinating really. I guess I haven’t thought about it that much before, I know the colours I like most, but never really thought about why I like them so much and how they make me feel.

Looking at our comprehensive tile collection and as part of the buying team, I know the reason why every stone or tile range has earned it’s place in our collection. However I see more and more, especially on Instagram, how hard people find the tile decision making. Of course, everyone loves choice and we most definitely have plenty of that, but how do we narrow our choices down to enable us to make that final decision? I think the best place to start is by asking ‘how do I want a room to make me feel?’ By creating a list of emotions, these then can be translated in to corresponding colours. In fact, colour psychology is such a powerful interior design tool, that it impacts the mood of a room more so than any other factor.

Three of the most positive colours in the spectrum are blue, yellow and green. We consider what emotions these shades conjure up and why they most definitely need a place in your home. Whether you opt to go bold or add just a dash of that shade, colour plays such a powerful role in our interiors.

Blue is one of the strongest hues in the spectrum. Deep, bold navy tones evoke confidence and peace, whilst lighter shades create a feeling of calm and tranquility. Not surprisingly, blue tiles come in a wealth of shades, finishes and formats. Calming for bathrooms and often reminiscent of soothing sea water or summer skies, choices include more varying shades of zellige type tiles, plain blues in matt or glazed finishes as well as blue patterned tiles.


It’s not surprising that yellow is connected with joy, optimism and energy. It’s perfect for playful retro schemes, or use more, minimal accent elements for that splash of happiness. Be bold and opt for solid shades of yellow tiles for that statement interior or for a softer approach, use patterned or terrazzo tiles that include yellow elements.

Green is considered the most positive of hues and associated with balance, growth and restoration. Offering a wide range of tones, green is also linked to bringing the natural world indoors. Green tiles have increased in popularity hugely in recent years resulting in many different options now being available. From the softest jades and olive greens to deeper forest tones, green tiles deserve their  place to re-energise you and your interior.

Our New Tile Collections for 2020 include more wonderful colours than ever before, whether you opt for just a splash or feel more daring, using tiles of colour are sure to make you feel good!