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A Monochrome Moment: Our Favourite Monochrome Tiles for 2020

Discover our favourite monochrome tiles from our new 2020 collections and our top tips for incorporating them into your home.

Of course, we know monochrome tiles never go out of fashion; they are the enduring trend we all love. In 2020 and more than ever before, we expect to see a rise in those wanting to incorporate classic black and white tile designs into their interiors.

Today’s monochrome tiles have moved on from simple flat shades of black and white. They can be beautifully textured or offer bold geometric designs and authentic lines of symmetry. With our porcelain, decorative and terrazzo tiles and more, the possibilities with monochrome are endless. Here are a few ways to style monochrome tiles within your home.

Pair monochrome tiles with colour or incorporate authentic vibes

Monochrome tiles are incredibly versatile and create a fantastic base for an array of interiors. Just because you have a monochrome wall or floor doesn’t mean you can’t throw in other shades! A chequerboard floor still looks impressive but for a modern twist add bold coloured walls to create warmth and character. Our Whitehall Porcelain Tile is simple yet elegant and works great on kitchen and bathroom floors alike. Bring this tile to life with a splash of your favourite colour on the walls.

Make a statement with bold patterns

If you want to experiment with monochrome tiles but want to incorporate an element of fun and flair, go bold with patterns! This is a great option for those who don’t want the full drama of a bright colour yet want to make a statement. We love Astrid Mono, a patterned porcelain tile with an intriguing and modern geometric design.

Keep it clean and fresh

Patterns aren’t for everyone. A clean black or white tile with subtle surface texture can add a fresh, sophisticated feel to any space. Go for a neutral and calming appeal with our Form White Wall Décor Porcelain Tile, which looks particularly wonderful in bathrooms.

Our new 2020 collections offer a comprehensive range of monochrome tiles that are sure to inspire. Browse some of our favourites below:

For more information about our new 2020 collections of monochrome tiles and how to style them within your interiors, contact our team on +44 (0)1600 715444 or email info@mandarinstone.com.