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Top 10 Patterned Tiles for 2020

Patterned tiles add charm and character to any space. Whether you choose traditional monochrome designs or bold, fun geometric colours, we round up our favourite patterned tile trends for 2020.

Our love affair with patterned tiles isn’t a new thing. This endearing tile trend dates back to the earliest civilisations, yet it was the Victorians that really bought them to the forefront of interior design. Millions of Victorian terraced houses were adorned in geometric patterned tiles; from hallways, porches, fire surrounds and walls. Of course, as with everything, decorative tiles have dropped out of favour at certain points; but in the last half a decade I think it’s become clear they are here to stay.

Tiles are just better when they are patterned. Is it the juxtaposition between the softness of pattern and the hardness of the tiles? Or is that tiles are usually used in areas with plenty of edges and hard surfaces and patterned tiles somehow counteract this?! Whatever the reason, we do know that they’re beautiful and will ultimately add character wherever used. We stock patterned ceramic and porcelain tiles for floors and walls in a range of designs, paying ode to both traditional and more contemporary eras. From tumbled, rustic and beautifully aged patterned terracotta tiles to modern and stylish hexagons, this tile trend for 2020 is incredibly versatile.

If you’re looking to create a bold statement, patterned tiles can be used throughout an entire space. Otherwise, to add more subtle interest, patterned ceramic and porcelain tiles can be zoned to certain areas, such as shower areas or splash backs. These beautifully decorative tiles look great on floors in bathrooms when teamed with a complementary, plain wall tile.

With so many choices available, we pick our top 10 patterned tiles for 2020…


  1. Ezra White Blue Decor Porcelain 

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