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Go Green: Green Tile Trends for Your Home in 2020

Green tiles incorporate a fresh and calming vibe to any space. Is green really the new grey?

I’m pretty obsessed with green tiles at the moment and I don’t seem to be the only one! Popularity has soared in recent months and we’ve been lucky enough to source some exciting new green marble, ceramic and porcelain tile additions for 2020. From soft sages, dark forest greens, fresh pastel mints and sludgy shades of moss and olive, the colour green encompasses such a broad range of shades. With varying styles and finishes to choose from, there are plenty of green tile trends to try in 2020 that will give interiors a contemporary feel.

Why choose green tiles for your home?

Green is associated with nature, renewal and energy. Known for its calming qualities and being at the centre of the colour spectrum, it has a sense of harmony, balance and tranquillity and has deep connections to our well-being. In today’s modern world where everything can sometimes feel a little chaotic, using green tiles in the home can reflect nature and calmness whilst bringing a sense of sanctuary to our indoor spaces.

We’ve become so accustomed to tiles being predominantly shades of grey, white and beige. In recent years, we’ve seen pops of colour added to the mix, most notably pastel pinks. However, when we consider green tiles, there’s just something so warm yet sophisticated about them.

Green doesn’t have to be strong or bright. There are so many calm, subtle hues that seem to sit right in our interiors. If you’re not quite sure about colour or how to use it, green could be the answer. It pairs beautifully with whites and neutrals and isn’t in your face like yellow or orange. Green is equally as exquisite when combined with rich metallics, earthy terracotta hues or pale pastels. As in our natural world, green just seems to work with everything.

Our new 2020 ranges feature stunning green porcelain, ceramic, marble and mosaic tile options. We particularly love Hoxton in Green & Olive, Terrazzo Nouveau Lime, Onyx Nouveau Jade, Norse Hunter Green and Oska Jungle Green Matt.

See below for some our favourite green tile trends and inspiration.

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