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How to Mix & Match Bathroom Tiles

Reimagine your bathroom with a mix of tiles, including colour, shape and style. Find out how to mix and match bathroom tiles and create an innovative, harmonious space.

Mixing and matching bathroom tiles is one way you can transport your bathroom into the cutting-edge world of design. Combining tile types that contrast in colour, shape or style adds interest and creates harmony in a bathroom. If carefully thought out, applying two (or more) tile types can suit all tastes and décors, a reason why mixing and matching tiles is one of the most adaptable of the bathroom tile trends.

To help you utilize this trend, we’ve put together this guide on how to mix and match bathroom tiles using inspiration from our very own tile portfolio. Read on to discover the three ways in which you can mix and match bathroom tiles.

Same colour, different shape

Tiles come in all shapes and sizes. From brick and hexagon to scallop and mosaic, when it comes to porcelain tiles the world is your oyster, quite literally! And the bathroom tile trend that is fast becoming the go-to is mixing a variety of tile formats in the same colour, shade or tone. Whether you’re looking to keep things simple with cool tones, whites, pastels and creams or be daring with dark, rich and vibrant colours or prints, this tile trend for 2021 works in favour of many tastes and styles. Simple yet effective, mixing and matching tile styles in the same colour is truly inspired.

The possibilities are truly endless with porcelain tiles, meaning that finding a variety of bathroom tiles in your desired colour and shape is almost effortless. Be bold and mix tile shapes in varying tones and patterns in the same colour, such as our Crystal Rose Gloss, Oska Shell and Terrazzo Nouveau Ivory porcelain tiles to transform your bathroom into powder pink luxury. Or recreate a minimalist Scandi-style with Oska Linen Matt and Cemento White Matt, a duo of large format tiles and brick tiles for the ultimate contemporary vibe. If your teetering on the edge of this trend, this is a fail-safe way of implementing mix and match tiles.

Accented floor, simple walls and vice versa

Choosing accented tiles to feature as walls or flooring is another way to mix and match tiles. Just as you would paint a feature wall or lay an eclectic rug in your sitting room, accented bathroom tiles are a remarkable way to offset the eye and create balance. It’s simply a matter of deciding to draw the eyes down with accented flooring or draw them in with accented walls. And even though this method requires one tile type to be accented than the other, it doesn’t mean your second (or third) tile of choice needs to be plain.

The best way to adopt this bathroom tile trend is by choosing a simple alternative that is subtle yet beautiful in its own right. You could lay bold, patterned floor tiles such as mosaics, hexagons or herringbone in strong colours and offset with pale, large format tiles for contrast, or you could go bolder. Lay our terrazzo effect Pebble Blue floor tiles scattered with a pebble-like pattern with our washed-out Silica Cloud marble effect wall tiles for intrigue. And for a bathroom with an air of sophistication, why not indulge in our Polar White Gloss, striking marble effect porcelain tiles, with simple Detroit Light Grey concrete effect porcelain tiles.

Accented everything

For those who err on the side of daring, mixing and matching statement tiles can be utilised to vivid effect, if planned properly. It’s important to be selective about the colours, patterns and finishes you choose, and to always consider tones. By following a colour palette or sticking to a certain tone you can create an in-vogue bathroom space with walls and floor that ooze substance as well as style. Look at our Pigment Taupe porcelain tiles in mocha gloss and Cosmic Ivory terrazzo effect porcelain tiles for example. Two drastically different porcelain tiles in the same tone paired in a way that softly pleases the eye.

Another way to embrace this bathroom tile trend is by sticking to a tile shape or style and creating contrast with colour. This is expertly demonstrated by our Paradise Green gloss porcelain tiles, with our Piazza Amber and Piazza Nero matt tiles laid in checkerboard style. Both tiles have a marbled surface and are in square formats, the larger, rich emerald green tiles form a vibrant backdrop to the timeless black and white flooring. Remember, with accented mix and match tiles, consistency is key.

Pondering how to mix and match your bathroom tiles? The team at Mandarin Stone have a keen eye for design and are here to help you hand-pick the best bathroom tiles for your bathroom renovation. Visit one of our 13 UK tile showrooms to talk with our friendly team about your project.

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