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Tile Trends: Top 5 Bathroom Tiles

Creating that perfect bathroom is a key focus when it comes to interiors. With so many tile choices now available, choice can be overwhelming. Here’s our expert guide to the best bathroom tile trends.

Remodelling an existing bathroom or starting from scratch?

Where to start on bathroom design and tile choice is our most frequently asked question at Mandarin Stone. With many now having the luxury of numerous ensuite bathrooms, in reality there’s a lot to decide upon.

Tile choice should be the initial starting point, they create the back drop and set the tone for the whole space. Bathrooms need to be practical but can be stylish and beautiful too and with most bathrooms being quite separate to other rooms of the house, you can afford to be a little adventurous with bathroom tiles!

Whether you’re on a budget or splashing out, here’s our top 5 bathroom tile trends for 2021 that’ll ensure you create a little oases of your own.

1. Terrazzo Effect Bathroom Tiles

Terrazzo effect porcelain tiles are the perfect way to enjoy the visual impact of traditional terrazzo but with all the practicalities of a porcelain tile. Traditional terrazzo, which is a combination of marble chips and cement or resin, often has limitations associated with cost and also the thickness of the tiles which effect their usage. Cleverly printed graphics onto a porcelain tile creates a very durable material, in minimal thicknesses and with no sealing requirements, offering endless design possibilities. From striking to subtle in both colour and terrazzo design, we offer a wide array of terrazzo effect bathroom tiles to add interest and style to your bathroom design.

2. Marble Effect Bathroom Tiles

Marble effect bathroom tiles are a decidedly clever way to achieve the marble-like appearance that has clad bathroom walls and flooring for centuries. Marble complements an array of bathroom styles, coming in a variety of colours with beautifully intricate veining that can be both subtle or bold. It is this versatility and inherent natural beauty that has made marble bathroom tiles so historically favoured.

However marble can have its limitations. Larger formats or minimal thicknesses may be unavailable or can be price prohibitive. Being naturally porous, marble will require sealing during installation which may be off-putting to some. Marble effect porcelain tiles mimic the much-desired marble-look whilst being impermeable to water, and are a fantastic way to incorporate a classic into your bathroom.

3. Green Bathroom Tiles

Traditional, elegant and unmistakably old-school, green tiles are making a comeback and are the latest of the bathroom tile trends in 2021. Whether it’s rich, emerald green or soft, leafy sage, green bathroom tiles can be used to evoke calmness and serenity or deliver a bold style statement. A colour found in nature, green has grounding and restorative qualities, and with many of us looking to bring the outdoors in, green bathroom tiles are a step up from the millennial boom of housing and nurturing indoor plants. We provide a enchanting range of green porcelain tiles in all shades, tones, shapes and textures, from our Oska Jungle Green Matt Porcelain Tile with a smooth matt finish quality to our Onyx Nouveau Jade Gloss Tile with high-shine, onyx-like quality.

4. Brick Bathroom Tiles

Still as popular as ever are classic brick porcelain tiles. Long, rectangular shaped brick bathroom tiles can give the illusion of exposed or painted bricks, and can be used to create various tiling patterns including bond, stacked, basketweave and our firm favourite: herringbone. From Swedish, mid-century inspired to traditional Victorian recreations, brick bathroom tiles complement both the classic and more contemporary bathroom design choices.

Available in purest whites, glacier blues, marble effect patterns, pastel greens and pale pinks, in chalk, matt and gloss finishes, brick porcelain tiles are a tile trend that keeps on giving! Or perhaps you’re looking for real stone? Our collection of marble brick tiles such as the Alsace Honed Marble Brick Mosaic Tile or Calacatta Honed Marble Tile (305x75mm) are undeniably beautiful with natural, soft veining, creating a modern, luxurious and timeless finish.

5. Mix Up Tile Combinations

Interested in one or more of these bathroom tile trends? Don’t be afraid to mix things up! Arguably the greatest thing about porcelain tiles is that there are countless options to choose from in any size, shape, colour, finish and format. That means you can pair different bathroom tiles to great effect whilst creating the sanctuary of your dreams.

Whether you’re into hexagons, herringbone, scallop-shape or square tiles, combine two (or even three, who’s counting?) different styles into your bathroom redesign. There’s nothing stopping you from also mixing colour combinations as well as shape and format, such as the hot-topic tile trend of pink and green tiles. After all, the best bathroom designs incorporate colour in one way or another, so why not transform your space with multiple porcelain tiles?

Take the plunge and choose one of the latest bathroom tile trends for your bathroom renovation project, you won’t regret it. Whether you fancy large format, luxurious marble effect tiles or a simple but effective brick tile, we can help you reimagine your bathroom using some of the best bathroom tiles available. We can even help you with pairing a variety of bathroom tiles together! Visit one of our 14 UK tile showrooms to talk with our friendly team about your project.

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