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Tile Trends: How To Style Green & Pink Tiles

Whether subtle and calming or dark and dramatic, green tiles and pink tiles go hand-in-hand in interior spaces. As the trend takes hold, we look at why we are experimenting with these classic colours.

Pairing colours that complement one another is nothing new to us as human beings. We only need to consider colour theory to be immersed in how primary and secondary colours can be used to form classic colour combinations. Perhaps the most timeless of all is green and pink. Opposites on the colour wheel, these two colours are complimentary and are, quite literally, a match made in heaven.

Going back in time, many of us will remember the sometimes-terrifying use of avocado green and salmon pink in 1970s homes. In many ways, this intense overuse of green and pink led to a surge in clinical whites and colourless, characterless interiors. But in the past decade, we have all become more experimental. Areas previously dominated by neutrals are being reimagined with colour. This, combined with the evolution of porcelain and ceramic tiles, means there is an abundance of choice. And that includes both green tiles and pink tiles.

From deep forest green tiles to soft baby pinks; there are three reasons why we’re seeing a revival of this classic colour combination, and why green and pink tiles are our favourite tile trend of the moment.

Creating calmness and serenity

After a year filled with uncertainty, many of us are craving comfort and stability. Cool, plaster pinks are warm and soothing on the eye and provide a comforting escapism. Offset that softness with fresh, leafy sage or deep, rich emerald green tiles, and your space is transformed by colour contrasts that draw you in and create a sense of tranquillity.

Whether you’re incorporating pink porcelain tiles with bold and vibrant shades or subtle hues of green, earthy pinks will bring balance and calm to your space. Some tiles incorporate shades of pink and green to remarkable effect. Our Shard Green Porcelain Tiles, for example, feature accents or ‘shards’ of pale pink that both adds drama and tones down the intensity of colour for a relaxing feel.

Bringing the outdoors in

Adorning our interiors with indoor plants is a craze that continues to grow and flourish. This desire to nurture and care for plants, forming an indoor refuge from stress, has inspired how we decorate our walls and floors. Green tiles are synonymous with nature and have grounding, restorative qualities, just like soft earthy pinks do. Luxury, glossy green porcelain tiles like our, Amazon Green Gloss Porcelain Tiles, are perfect for creating spaces that encapsulate rural landscapes.

Making a statement

For those looking to make a statement, the green and pink tiles trend can be utilised to great effect. Not only are there countless colours, tones, and shades all designed for delivering different impacts, there are also various formats, shapes, and textures to play with. Don’t be afraid to be daring and try larger formats with smaller brick tiles or even hexagons. And with so many textures and patterns available, combining green tiles and pink tiles can be as striking and bold as you like. Go retro with glossy green Onyx Nouveau Jade Gloss Tiles and hexagon Zappa Pink Porcelain Tiles, or minimalist with Oska Powder Pink Matt Porcelain Tiles. Making a statement in your home couldn’t be more on-trend than with green and pink tiles.

Finding the right colour scheme for your home is important to achieving the look and feel you’re after. From subtle hues to deep vibrant shades, we offer an extensive collection of green porcelain tiles and pink porcelain tiles in a wide array of finishes and formats.

For more ideas on how you can transform your space with green and pink tiles, visit one of our 15 UK tile showrooms to talk with our friendly team about your project.

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